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Where to get Kristen Wiig’s 'Bridesmaids' necklace (or something just like it)

May 24, 2011 | 12:57 pm


Several comments have been rolling in from readers who want to know where the dainty gold necklace worn by Kristen Wiig's character in the film "Bridesmaids" came from. We followed up with the movie's A.P.C. METAL DORE COLIER PENDENTIF COQQUILLAGE OR costume designer, Leesa Evans -- with whom we did a Q&A a couple days before the film's premier -- and she told us that the  necklace is the gold apple pendant from French label A.P.C.

Topshopapples Sadly, the necklace isn't available any longer, as it was from the brand's spring 2009 collection, but here are a few very similar options.

This season A.P.C is doing some charms that are pretty close to the apple. There's a cute gold shell 455Medium Gold Apple Charm Necklace, Apple Pendant -- Lizzie Scheck Jewelry_1306260584314 option (above right) that's about the same size and feels nice and beachy for summer.

675elsaperettiapplependant6 Top Shop has a couple of adorable and inexpensive apple charms (above left). One has a little shaker effect, with the "seeds" floating about inside the pendant.

An option from Lizzie Scheck (right) is super sweet, and in the case you're very serious about fruit being interpreted accurately, Scheck's version is more obviously an apple than the A.P.C pendant.

Elsa Peretti's apple pendant for Tiffany & Co. (above left) is perhaps the most similar to the one Wiig wears in the movie, but it's also the priciest. This apple has a fluid shape and tiny core detail that's charming and pretty.
-- Melissa Magsaysay

Top photo: Kristen Wiig in "Bridesmaids." Credit: Universal Pictures

Upper right photo: A.P.C shell necklace, $120, at Credit: A.P.C

Upper left photo: Top Shop apple pendants, $18 left and $25 right, at Credit: Top Shop

Lower right photo: Lizze Scheck medium apple pendant, $455, at Credit: Lizzie Scheck

Lower left photo: Elsa Peretti for Tiffany &Co. golden apple necklace, $675, at Credit: Tiffany & Co.