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Good news, 'Dancing With the Stars' fans: The stylish Cat Deeley returns on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

May 25, 2011 | 10:19 am

Cat21 Fans are either mourning or celebrating after Tuesday night's finale of "Dancing With the Stars," but the dance-obsessed need not worry. "So You Think You Can Dance" returns to Fox on Thursday. And with it, Cat Deeley, one of today's most interesting celebs -- at least from a fashion perspective.

To explain, consider this: Most modern celebrities are tied to an entourage responsible for maintaining the star’s image. At a minimum, that team includes agents, managers, publicists, hair and makeup artists and, increasingly, the ever-critical stylist.

It’s the stylist who crafts the perception of a celebrity, one that just may remain in the public eye in perpetuity. Think back to Anne Hathaway’s 2011 Oscar tuxedo, brought to life by Rachel Zoe. Or Natalie Portman’s Viktor & Rolf floral moment at the Golden Globes -- whether you loved or hated it (and reports went both ways), it was the guidance of stylist Kate Young that birthed that moment in red-carpet history.

The pressure of choosing just the right outfit is not to be underestimated. Which is why it comes as something of a surprise to learn that Cat Deeley, former model and host of “So You Think You Can Dance,” has never had a stylist -- not for the show and not for any L.A. events she attends.

“Fashion should be fun and individual,” she said over ice tea at the Polo Lounge. “It should be all about taking a look and interpreting it as your own.” And that is precisely what Deeley does.

She is the first to admit her flaws. “I’m not good at the ’50s -- the silhouette doesn’t suit me,” she says. “I look really butch in it, so I stay away from that.” Ultimately, Deeley chooses what makes her feel good. “I like to style myself because I don’t think anybody ever knows how you are gonna feel on the day. I don’t care who you are. You could be Keira Knightley or Elizabeth Taylor, and some days you wake up and just don’t feel great. And if you’re uncomfortable, it affects your confidence.”

When it comes to fashion and style, Deeley says her inspiration comes from “strong, intelligent women from different generations.”

What it isn't about is expensive labels. “I try to be aspirational but also attainable. I know most of the audience is made up of young girls, so I might wear earrings from Top Shop if I like the look of them,” she says. “And I don’t mind wearing things twice -- I think everybody does it.”

Deeley says producers have never vetoed her look. “Don’t get me wrong. I sometimes walk out of my dressing room, and they literally all look at me like this” -- her eyes widen, and her jaw drops. “They just think I’m this bonkers English eccentric.”

Still, she isn’t bothered. “The whole thing with my look is people either love it or hate it. But at least they have an opinion, and that’s all that matters.”

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-- Raha Lewis

Photo: Cat Deeley during Season 7 of the show in a dress by Lanvin and shoes by Sergio Rossi. Credit:  Matthieu Young / Fox