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Alexandra Cassaniti’s breezy shirts and canvas backpacks are cool for summer

May 17, 2011 | 10:00 am



I stopped by designer Alexandra Cassaniti's Santa Monica studio this morning and was inspired to gear up for summer upon seeing her signature gauzy cheesecloth tops and cool canvas-and-leather backpacks  that would make a perfect bag for treks to the beach or any sunny getaway. 

The San Diego native and avid surfer’s work space is filled with so many accessories, all made locally, that are great for warm weather, and of course, a Southern California lifestyle. Besides the backpacks and gauzy tops (she started making the cheesecloth shirts to wear because of her own sensitive skin) Cassaniti makes printed canvas bags to hang on handlebars, funky sunglasses with reflective Xs on each lens and cool 1970s-style slip-on wedge GEDC0412sandals with a neoprene upper and insole. 

Her surf-inspired lifestyle line is a minimal approach to the colorful, hibiscus printed pieces made by so many mainstream action sports lines. It’s like beachwear for city dwellers who regularly surf, or at least ride their beach cruiser around Abbot Kinney on the weekends. 
--Melissa Magsaysay

Photos: (Top left) Cheesecloth tank top. (Top right) Neoprene wedge sandals and X-lens sunglasses. (Bottom) Canvas backpacks, all by Alexandra Cassaniti.  Credit: Melissa Magsaysay