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Your Stylist: Your search for a stylish sun hat is over

May 16, 2011 |  8:03 am

Resident Image stylist and market editor Melissa Magsaysay soothes your sartorial woes in the weekly Your Stylist blog column

LlbeanSeaside Woven Hat3950 I’m tired of buying various sun hats in search of the right one. I want something protective; a light, woven straw or possibly a cute canvas hat that suits my vintage style. Fedoras are too trendy though I might be open if it’s not the typical hipster styles I see everyone wearing. I am looking for something feminine, but not like with a rolled brim, flowers or embellishments. DN, Los Angeles. Nordstrom 'Summer' Straw Cloche48

First of all I’m glad to hear you’re adamant about protecting your skin, yet still take the fashionable component seriously as well. There are a lot of cute styles out there and since I don’t know what your face shape is or hair length is, I’ll go strictly by how you described your personal style - vintage and feminine.

I totally get your aversion to the rolled brim. All I can think of is the little hats Mayim Bialik wore in the '90’s TV show "Blossom," which of course were adorable then but look really juvenile now. Plus, a rolled brim isn’t going to do much in the way sun protection. So let’s move on. - San Diego Straw Cap39 A cloche-style hat could be really cute for you, but of course something with a longer and substantial brim, which more traditional cloche hats don’t tend to have. I love this straw style  from Nordstrom. It’s a light and neutral color, but with a hit of red piping on the band. It’s got that '20’s vibe without feeling too antiquated. Nordstrom also has this half-transparent, half-opaque, alternating-stripe tonal hat that’s a bit more bucket than cloche, so it would be more versatile. It comes in black -- which could be too hot if you’re planning any super sunny excursions, as well as white and red.

This hat from Urban Outfitters also has a cloche-esque vibe, but with a flipped-up brim in the back and Eugenia Kimmaxstrawfedora315 this haphazardly tied-on scarf that gives it a more casual and fashionable feel. If you were feeling really dedicated, you could switch out the scarf to complement your outfit, or take it off altogether if you want something super-simple.

I know you said you weren’t feeling a fedora and I understand,the style has been a bit played out. But I love this striking white-and-black fedora from Eugenia Kim. Of course, this is if you’re in the market for something much more dressy and expensive, but it’s very pretty and could really dress up a poolside party outfit.

San Diego Hat Company Roll Brim Crusher40 The hat I feel has it all is this crushable, bell-shape of a hat from San Diego Hat Co. It’s got UV protection, it’s crushable and packable material makes it a breeze to travel with, and the cool bell shape puts you in this sun-free cocoon that is also reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s giant and amazing hat from "Breakfast at Tiffany’s!" Kangol Spiral Knit Lola Hat82

And lastly, besides being a protective item, a hat is a great way to add some color to your summer look. This spiral knit hat from Kangol has a cool undulating brim that gives a slightly boho feel to the hat and the purple color is unexpected and a fun departure from the usual black, white and ivory.

Happy summer

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-- Melissa Magsaysay

Photos, from top: LL Bean Seaside Woven Hat ($39.50) at (LL Bean); Nordstrom Summer Straw Cloche ($48) at (Nordstrom); Urban Outfitters San Diego Straw Cap ($39) at (Urban Outfitters); Eugenia Kim Max Straw Fedora ($315) at (netaporter); San Diego Hat Co. Roll Bron Crusher ($40) at (San Diego Hat Co.); right, Kangol Spiral Knit Lola Hat ($82) at (Kangol)