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"The Adjustment Bureau" makes us think about hats

March 12, 2011 |  8:00 am


I am trying to twist the spousal unit's arm to go see "The Adjustment Bureau" this afternoon -- in between my book club meeting, his hair cut, some general errand running and dinner at the beach. (Sssh! He doesn't know about that last part yet -- one arm twist at a time!)

I've been wanting to see the film, especially since my colleague Adam Tschorn interviewed costume designer Kasia Wilicka Maimone for All the Rage earlier this week and found out all about why so many of the male characters are wearing throw-me-back-to-the-1940s-style hats.   

But it's not just in the movies. Hats for men are having a moment in fashion, in films and on runways. Adam -- often behatted himself -- explains more about it here

Happy Saturday!

-- Susan Denley

Photo: Scene from the film "The Adjustment Bureau." Credit: Andrew Schwartz / Universal Studios.