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'Plus-sized' model Crystal Renn looks decidedly 'model-sized' in Zac Posen's new look book

December 16, 2010 | 10:59 am

RennCrystal Renn, a former traditional-sized model who became the poster girl for plus-sized modeling after gaining weight and writing about her struggle with anorexia, is still ruffling feathers for seemingly dropping the pounds that make her "plus."

Renn, who co-stars in designer Zac Posen's pre-fall 2011 look book, was never plus-sized in the traditional, size-10-to-14 sense (she claims to be a size 8), but looks even tinier in the new photographs -- a fact that hasn't escaped chatty fashion watchers online.

And although clearly it's Renn's prerogative to weigh whatever she wants to, she's come to symbolize the weight debate raging in the fashion industry -- and has even gone on talk shows, including "The View," to diss photographers and Photoshop-happy editors for trying to make her look thinner in print.

She hasn't publicly commented on the new photos, but she told the Guardian last year, "If they judge me for not being big enough, is that not the same as judging me for not being thin enough? When do we stop? My size shouldn't matter. Let's get rid of straight-size and plus-size."

--Emili Vesilind

Photo: Crystal Renn in Zac Posen's pre-fall 2011 look book. Credit: Zac Posen