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Black 15 in 1, a hair-care product that claims to do everything for everyone

December 16, 2010 |  3:27 pm

Many of us have bathroom shelves, cabinets and closets filled with hair gels, serums and goop galore that all serve a different purpose. Some curl, some straighten, some tame and some just smell nice and we layer them on each day in the hopes of having that just-left-the-salon look.

A new potion called Black 15 in 1, promises to do the work of all those other products with just two to three spritzes to the hair. Created by a Detroit-based hair-care distributor named Larry Gaynor, the hair treatment comes in a small (100 milliliter) container shaped like a perfume bottle that feels reminiscent of Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion, but the plastic container and purple sparkly label make it feel like something that would have been sold alongside Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth in the late '80s. But thankfully it doesn’t smell nearly as pungent as either of those perfumes. In fact, the smell is a nice and light scent typical of most leave-in conditioners or hairsprays.

Gaynor claims that one won’t need any other product when using Black 15 in 1 and that the leave-in treatment delivers shine, strength, moisture, defrizzing power and heat and color protection as well as prevent scalp itch and promotes scalp circulation to all hair types.

The ingredients (that can be pronounced) such as aloe vera, marigold flower extract, green tea leaf extract, keratin and pro-vitamin B5 don’t sound especially remarkable, but perhaps when joined together, they create a magic mix.

Could this be the all-in-one answer women have been searching for? Or does it just sound too good to be true? Decide for yourself when Black 15 in 1 hits salons in the U.S. in January. It's also available now through the company's website for $30 (for a 100 milliliter bottle).

-- Melissa Magsaysay

Photo: Black 15 in 1 hair treatment. Credit: Black 15 in 1