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It's 11/11 -- the day calendar and corduroy coincide

November 11, 2010 | 11:11 am

Do you know what Nov. 11 is? Yes, it's Veterans Day (and as the product of a U.S. Army meet-cute, I've got a little extra to be thankful for). But since it is 11/11, it is significantly "the date which most closely resembles corduroy" on the 2010 calendar, in the words of the Corduroy Appreciation Club.

The 5-year-old club, which, according to its website, holds meetings on "days that resemble corduroy," is holding a meeting in New York City today to mark the occasion, and plans are apparently already underway  for a busy 2011, culminating in a Nov. 11 event.

"11|11|11 will be the date which most closely resembles Corduroy, ever," says a note posted at the site. "Nascent plans are in development for a Cordinated international spectacular. It will be the greatest day ever."

So if you've got some cords kicking around in your closet, now might be an appropriate time to show you're in the know. As for me, since I can't walk more than a few steps in corduroy pants without sounding like a zydeco band, I'll stick to showing my fealty to the fabric by rewatching "Rushmore" -- and Jason Schwartzman in that shrunken corduroy suit.

 -- Adam Tschorn

Photo: Olivia Williams, left, and Jason Schwartzman in a corduroy suit in 1998's "Rushmore." Credit: Van Redin / Touchstone Pictures