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The week that was: Gap's new logo quickly put out of its misery

October 12, 2010 |  1:54 pm

Gapold  Honestly, it had barely registered in my brain that there even was a new Gap logo before the old one was hastily swapped back in -- after less than a week.

“Since we rolled out an updated version of our logo last week on our website, we’ve seen an outpouring of comments from customers and the online community in support of the iconic blue box logo," said Gap brand North America's president, Marka HGaplogonewansen, in a news release posted Tuesday at the company's corporate website. 

Hansen went on to say that the old, familiar blue box version would be used immediately going forward at (although she noted it would be turning red for the holiday season). And she did leave open the possibility that it could eventually change.

“There may be a time to evolve our logo," she said in the news release, "but if and when that time comes, we’ll handle it in a different way."

-- Adam Tschorn

Photos: At top, the old Gap logo, retired last week, was brought back, after an outpouring of comments from customers and the online community. Credit: Gap Inc. At bottom, the updated version of the Gap logo, which has abruptly been shelved. Credit: AP photo / Gap Inc.