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Your Stylist: Short hair styles you won't regret cutting

August 2, 2010 |  8:00 am

Resident Image stylist and market editor Melissa Magsaysay soothes your sartorial woes in the weekly Your Stylist blog column

Ok. I HATE my hair. I hate having hair. I definitely want a short haircut. I’d like to give my hairdresser some visual ideas of a cool short haircut, but I’m not sure what that is. Any advice on where to look?  DN, Echo ParkWilliams

Amen! The grass is always greener when it comes to girls and their hair. When it’s all grown out, you are inspired to get a cute bob cut, but when it’s chopped, all you want are your long and lovely locks back. It seems you just can’t win. But the best thing is to embrace and be thankful for your healthy hair and go with the cut that suits your face and style best.

Since you are confident with a short hair cut, here are some styles that I personally love:

Michelle Williams has a great short cut that isn’t a pixie but still has that gamine appeal. She’s got long layers on top and piecey strands on the side and back. She still seems to be able to tuck her sides behind her ears and sport different parts to be more sophisticated and dramatic for night and easy and casual for day. To me, this just looks like one of those cuts that gets better the dirtier it gets, so by Day 3 of no washing you still look amazing and chic. 

00230mModel Anja Rubik also had a great short style a few years ago (seems she had the same grass-is-greener dilemma, because it’s completely grown out and long now). It’s similar to Williams' but shorter up the back and longer on top, so the long parts cut across her forehead and face, making dramatically sharp and stylish angles. Beckhamtonycanhamgetty

Victoria Beckham is certainly the queen of the close crop. She’s done spikes, bobs, pixie and punky. Her current hair is my favorite. It is cut at an angle that follows her jaw line and accentuates her features. There’s enough length so that she can still put some curl and wave into a few pieces for dressier nighttime affairs, which is great because most short styles are hard to switch up for formal events.

Try to stop hating your hair. If you own the style and wear it in the way it suits you best, it can’t look bad.

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Photos:top - Michelle Williams/left Matt Sayles AP, right Karl Walter Getty

middle left - Anja Rubik/

bottom right - Victoria Beckham/Tony Canham Getty