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Your Stylist: Shapewear that sucks you in and stays in place

June 28, 2010 |  8:01 am

No matter what brand I buy or how much I spend, all these so-called shapewear items eventually end up doing the same thing, i.e., rolling down over my muffin top and cutting off my circulation.
Do you have any knowledge of a brand that doesn't do that? I know the Times did a piece not that long ago on shapewear, but I am desperate. I just bought something new thinking the "newer ones" wouldn't do that, but, ha, same old, same old.
P.R., Los Angeles


Indeed a common issue for many women! Shapewear should feel like a super-supportive second skin that stays in place no matter how you move throughout the day, not a constricting sausage casing that your torso has been shoved into. Here are a few suggestions for top, bottom and full bodysuits that banishes the appearance of back rolls, tummy pooches and even unsightly underarm spillage.

The camis from the Dr. Rey’s shapewear line are really effective at sucking it all in while staying in place. The one drawback: the fabric is pretty substantial, which can be a problem for some women who get hot easily. Still, these make a good second layer if you need that extra support.

The Flexees' "Weightless Power" collection is super-thin but effective. Perhaps having a thinner, more pliable piece of shape wear that moves better with your body would stay down, thus not cutting off your circulation? The "Wear Your Own Bra" singlet from this collection is especially good at staying put (it’s a bodysuit) and because the actual fabric is thinner than other shape wear, it’s not hot at all, but still eliminates back rolls, panty lines and tummy bulges.

For a waist slimmer (which I believe the waist and midsection area is the part you are trying to take down), the Flexees' "Take Inches Off" waistshaper and thigh slimmer has a very high waist and shouldn’t slip down during the day. This waist is the highest I've seen (goes up just below the chest), and if this length still rolls down, try a thinner fabric, bigger size or bodysuit style that has straps to keep it locked in place.

You could also try the Sculptz "Spacer Technology" underwire cami that has a long body that should stay in place nice and good over a muffin top. The underarms are cut high to contain spillage, and the bra cups are supportive.

Ultimately, make sure that you buy the right size in shapewear. Going up one size could help the cami from popping up or pants from rolling down, eliminating the uncomfortable constriction and unwanted muffin top.

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-- Melissa Magsaysay

Photos, clockwise from top left: Flexees' "Wear Your Own Bra" singlet ($40); Spanx High Rise body slimmer ($72); Sculptz "Spacer Technology" underwire cami ($45); Flexees' "Take Inches Off" waistshaper ($36)