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Bearded & Tschorn: Pogonophilia on parade

June 5, 2010 |  6:50 pm

Rage_beards_misc The preliminary round is over, and the judges are deliberating on  who will move on to the final round of the beard and mustache competition, so I'm taking the opportunity to post some video from the pre-competition procession to the Les Schwab Amphitheater in Bend, Ore., (It was a procession, said Beard Team USA's self-appointed captain Phil Olsen, because the group lacked a permit for a parade.) as well as some photos of the competitors.

The final number of competitors hasn't been tallied yet, as entries continued to roll in until the final "anything-goes" freestyle category got underway at about 5 p.m.

Among them was Anchorage resident Charlie Earnshaw, whose beard was accessorized with seven fake birds (with an eighth tucked into his breast pocket). He said he'd been inspired to create a nest for his faux feathered friends after listening to an NPR show called BirdNote.

By far the fullest category -- both in terms of competitors and the volume of facial hair -- was the full-beard category, which boasted nearly a hundred beards.

At the conclusion of the preliminary round, all the bearded and mustachioed men in the crowd gathered on the stage for a group photo that will be submitted to the Guinness World Record folks in hopes of establishing a world record for the largest gathering of bearded individuals.

If the gathering ends up winning the recognition, it would be only fitting if it does so by a whisker.

-- Adam Tschorn, reporting from Bend, Ore.

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Photos: Charlie Earnshaw of Anchorage sports a beard styled with birds (top) and Larry McClure of Concord, Calif., (bottom) sports a mustache that took him nearly 45 minutes to style this morning. Both men competed in the 2010 National Beard and Moustache Championships in Bend, Ore., on Saturday. Below, the post-press conference procession to the competition. Credit: Adam Tschorn.