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Avoiding a makeup meltdown while sunning this summer

May 14, 2010 |  7:00 am

We’ve all seen it while sitting poolside, strolling through a resort or down the beach. That woman who refuses to lighten her makeup regimen even though it’s scorching outside; caking on the same amount of foundation and applying the same drippy lip plumping gloss as if she were on her way to meet friends for happy hour.

ConstrainImage This woman is suffering from a warm weather makeup meltdown and there’s nothing attractive about it.
Now I’m not suggesting she forgo makeup altogether and sport a nose slathered with opaque Bull Frog sun block, but it is possible to wear makeup in the hot sun while still getting coverage (both cosmetic and from the sun’s rays) without having that unsightly mix of foundation, sweat and shine all over your face.
There are a few products that work with protecting the skin, feel weightless (even if sweat starts to bead up) while still giving an appropriately “done up” look.

If you have naturally oily skin and want to keep the shine way down, start with Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti-mattifying gel ($35). You’ll obviously get some sweat going even if just lounging around, but this will help it stay to a minimum.

Apply a lightweight SPF. Kiehl's Super Fluid UV defense SPF 50 ($32) is so weightless I forgot I had anything on when hiking in the hot sun last weekend. It’s not waterproof though, so if you really are just posing poolside then this will last just fine.

Jouer Luminizing moisture tint ($38) This tinted moisturizer is sheer with a hint of bronze sparkle. It evens out skin tone, but won’t look like you shellacked your face on before tying on your bikini. Plus it also has an SPF of 20 so you can layer or wear on its own.Lorealurbandecay

Nars is now making the popular Multiples sticks ($38) in these sheer, bright summer colors. Sweep one over the cheekbones and dab a little on the lips for a natural-looking glow. The translucent pop looks so much more healthy and natural than the dense and shimmery finish of a powder or cream blush.

Though your eyes will most likely be shaded by sunglasses, some women still like to sport mascara. Choose any waterproof formula, so whether you sweat or swim it’s not smudging around your eyes. The Hydra Collagen mascara from L’Oreal ($7.95) goes on pretty thick with just a couple of swipes so it’s quick and doesn’t have to be built up thus not look like a pound of stuff clinging to each lash.

FTUV For eyeliner again, something waterproof is a must. Stila’s new waterproof Smudge Stick eyeliner ($20) goes on easily and really doesn’t budge once it’s on. The sparkly blue or violet are a fun alternative to a harsh black or dark brown, which are better suited for fall.

If all you want on the eyes is a little glow, Urban Decay’s Long Lasting cream shadow ($17) doesn’t crease or fade (as fast) as a regular powder shadow. It’s best to just put a sheer layer of it the on lids as well as the brow bone for a little highlight.

And for anyone who wants to step it up from their Evian atomizer, SKII makes a neat (but pricey $120) mist that has SPF 25, hydrates as well as all the anti-aging and protective ingredients they pack into all their skin care.

Switch out a few of your heavier fall/winter shades and formulas for lighter ones that are built to look good in hot weather. Or you could save money and just opt to wear less while lounging in the sun.

-- Melissa Magsaysay


Top left: NARS Multiples (credit: NARS); right: Kiehl's Super Fluid UV Defense (credit: Kiehl's)

Middle left: L'Oreal Hydra Collagen Mascara (credit: L'Oreal); right: Urban Decay Cream eye shadow (credit: Urban Decay)

Bottom: SKII Facial Treatment UV Protection (credit: SKII)