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MoBoleez nursing bonnets: Making breastfeeding more stylish?

April 21, 2010 | 11:47 am

MOB If, like most new moms, you're a shy breast-feeder, there's a new — rather zany — product on the market that won't leave you feeling exposed when feeding your bambino in the middle of a restaurant.

The MoBoleez breastfeeding bonnet, a hat with a super-wide brim that covers your chest when propped on your baby's head, is meant to make feedings more private — and stylish.

The hats, which bear cutesy sayings such as "Milky Way" and "Bee-licious," boast a special "stay on head sideways" design that the company claims keeps the hat firmly in place.

MoBoleez was founded by Diane Sam, a nursing mother of two who wanted to design something "unique and fun" to hide breastfeeding that didn't resemble a shroud or a dropcloth.

I wonder whether the sheer size of the hat (which could perhaps double as a satellite dish?) wouldn't cause people to stare even more at the goings-ons in the bosom region.

But there's no denying that the bonnet is a novel, amusing idea. And priced at $29, it's a solid baby shower gift that won't be easily forgotten.

-- Emili Vesilind

Photo: The MoBoleez nursing bonnet in action. Credit: MoBoleez

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