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L'Oreal hosts a luncheon with Diane Keaton at Mr. Chow's

February 12, 2010 | 10:30 am

"It's a good day anyway, but it's a great day because of this jacket," joked Diane Keaton, modeling her newest wardrobe addition, a form-fitting black leather Rick Owens jacket. "L'Oreal bought this for me -- isn't that amazing?"

The actress and L'Oreal spokeswoman was seated amongst a small group of beauty and fashion editors Thursday afternoon for a press luncheon at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills -- part of the promotional swirl for L'Oreal's new Paris Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition moisturizer, which is intended for very dry, mature skin.

Keaton, 64, may be mature, but her skin looked radiant (a prerequisite for spokesmodel-dom, I suppose). And clad in the sublime Owens jacket, wide-brimmed black hat, pencil skirt, glasses and ankle boots, she also looked stylish in that studious, classic Diane Keaton way.

The actress chatted ably about architecture (she's currently working on an architecture book), lamenting the recent loss of great architecture magazines including Metropolitan Home and Western Interiors ("It's so sad they're all going") -- which led to a robust group conversation about the future of magazines and the Internet.

When the dialogue turned to fashion, Keaton said she prefers structured garments as opposed to drapey pieces, noting, "You can't have the sad-sack body with droopy cotton. You have to have the perky body."

The actress, who's been a face for L'Oreal for three years, started work on the two-day commercial shoot for the Paris Age Perfect moisturizer Friday at Smashbox Studios in Culver City. When I asked what she likes most about being a spokeswoman for the company, Keaton's answer was typically good-humored. "I like the fact that it's for older women," she said, "And I like the free product."

-- Emili Vesilind


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Photo: Diane Keaton at the "Mad Money" premiere in 2007. Credit: Paul Buck / EPA