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Burton's pro snowboarding team fetes the brand's new film, 'The B'

October 3, 2009 | 11:05 am
Burton store 1

Some of the world's most famous snowboarders packed into Burton's Melrose Avenue store Thursday night for a soiree celebrating the action sports brand's newest snowboarding video, "The B," which features Burton's snowboarding team getting gnarly on slopes all over the globe (decked out in the brand's fall collection, of course).

Burton store opening Jeremy Jones The hoodie-clad crowd noshed on Pink's hot dogs, stood in line to get posters signed and eventually filtered up to the store's roof to check out the premiere of the high-action film. A DJ spun ear-assaultingly loud rock right next to the makeshift bar, which quickly became the most clogged spot of the evening. "The L.A. store is still pretty new, so we wanted to connect the team and [local] tastemakers," said Anne-Marie Dacyshyn, director of retail marketing for Burton.

Snowboarding legend Jeremy Jones genially signed autographs with his fellow teammates, including Olympic gold medalist Hannah Teter and Jussi Oksanen, but admitted that parties aren't really his thing. Still, he added that "the fans are mellow in the States, not like in Japan, where it's more crazed."

The long-haired rider was captured shredding in Alaska, Minnesota and Utah for the movie. When filming, "there's a lot of improvisation," he said. "Nothing's choreographed, but I'm always choreographing what I'm going to do in my head."

-- Emili Vesilind

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Top photo: The crowded scene at Burton's L.A. store. Bottom photo: Snowboarder Jeremy Jones signs autographs with Olympic gold medalist Hannah Teter, left. Credit: Emili Vesilind