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New celebrity fashion statement: Bald is beautiful

July 28, 2009 |  4:27 pm

Rihanna shaved the side of her head Everyone’s lived through at least one bad haircut — a lopsided bob or too-severe shag that made you think, “I’d look better if I shaved my head.” But horrific haircuts don’t seem to be what’s behind one of the edgiest tress trends in ages: the shaved skull.

A handful of fashion-forward female celebs — even Beyoncé's sister Solange isn't immune — have recently popped up on red carpets with freshly shorn noggins. A few are mowing it all off, while others are shaving the sides or doing a sides-and-back combo, leaving some length on top.

It all started with Alice Dellal, the British socialite, model and “it” girl who buzzed the left side of her long, cascading coif down to the skin. Then Amber Rose, Kanye’s West’s girlfriend (another model), started making the scene with her bleached-out buzz cut.

But you knew the trend was really taking shape a couple of weeks ago when Rihanna transitioned her sleek, boyish crop into a punk-rock masterpiece by shaving the back and sides of her delicate cranium.

Of course, shaved female heads have a long history in music. Avant-garde singer-model Grace Jones challenged the status quo with her severe flat top (with shaved sides) in the late '70s, and Annie Lennox channeled cartoonish masculinity with her bright-red buzz cut in the '80s — the same decade when Irish singer Sinead O’Connor showed up with a head so cue-ball bald we wondered if she wasn’t sickly.

The current craze for the razor may be just another '80s fad retooled for the Aughts — but with all the punky, moto-inspired looks that have rolled down the runways the past two seasons, we say it’s about time “pretty” hair faced something more fierce. For more on this, check out our photo gallery of buzz-cut celebrities.

-- Emili Vesilind

Photos: Bald is beautiful for some red carpet rebels

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Photo: R&B star Rihanna recently took her androgynous ’do down to nothing on the sides and back. Credit: Max Nash / AFP / Getty Images