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More on the Woody Allen-American Apparel trial

May 6, 2009 |  4:32 pm

Woody-allen Are you following the feud between downtown Los Angeles clothier American Apparel and Woody Allen over the company's use of the filmmaker's image in his movie "Annie Hall" for a billboard ad campaign? Our colleagues at The Times' California Consumer blog have an update from American Apparel Chief Executive Dov Charney regarding the media's "numerous inaccurate reports" about the case:

"I have not made personal comments to the press in the last few months because of the impending trial of this case," Charney says. "However, during the last month, numerous inaccurate reports have appeared in the media which have created misperceptions I feel compelled to correct. The media has misinformed the public that American Apparel supposedly plans to make Woody Allen's personal life the central focus of our defense. This is false. It has also been reported that American Apparel intends to call Mia Farrow or Soon Yi as witnesses in the upcoming trial. This also is false." Continue reading on California Consumer.

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