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Wearable gadgets

May 22, 2009 |  1:40 pm

I admit it. I’m one of those women who gets all dolled up to hit the bar, only to spend the entire evening fiddling on the phone, the glow from the screen making my skin appear like alien matter. But I look at it this way: Love me, love my unearthly radiance. In fact, I figure that as long as we’re going to live like there’s electricity running through our veins, we ought to wear our geeked-out hearts on our sleeves. Which might be why I’ve been noticing so many wearable gadgets lately.


Take for example Thanko’s “spy tie.” It looks like an ordinary necktie, but it’s actually hooked up with a 4-gigabyte camera. The same Japanese company is also responsible for the genius USB warm gloves, which plug into your computer and keep your fingers warm, perfect for when overzealous air conditioning makes your office feel like a meat locker. (Just don’t get up too fast — you’re tethered).


If Thanko's inventions aren’t nerdy enough, how about these keyboard pants? New Yorker Zach Hoeken recently created them for “Fashion Hacking” day at NYC Resistor. Only part of the keyboard works, but it’s enough to play computer games. DIY directions here.

-- Alexandra Le Tellier

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