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Scoping out garage sales? Learn how to negotiate

May 15, 2009 |  6:00 pm

Garage sales

Last weekend, The Times Business section's Sunday cover story was all about garage sales. They're on the rise, in case the multitude of fliers posted near your neighborhood's high street or left on your car didn't tip you off. Writer Andrea Chang notes:

"Garage sales, yard sales, tag sales -- no matter what you call them, such exercises in do-it-yourself retailing have long been a popular way for people to clear out unwanted items around the house. But amid a recession that has left many jobless and struggling to pay their bills, neighborhood sales are becoming less about spring cleaning and more about earning some quick money."

Will you be on the prowl for some hidden gems this weekend? Staff writer Susan Carpenter points out that, whether you're shopping retail or roadside, it's OK to haggle. For some tips on negotiating, check out her interview with Michael Soon Lee, author of "Black Belt Negotiating."

Garage sales: Seller and buyer beware

Go ahead haggle: Negotiating lower prices has expanded to beauty care, shoes and apparel.

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Photo: Potential buyers prowl Sal Perera’s garage sale in Granada Hills recently. Over the last year, garage sale postings on Craigslist have increased by 50% in the L.A. area and 80% nationwide, the company says. Stefano Paltera / For The Times