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Arlo Weiner, sartorial scion of 'Mad Men' creator, serves up style advice

April 3, 2009 |  1:50 pm

During my interview with pint-sized stylephile Arlo Weiner – 8-year-old son of "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner (see the full profile in Sunday’s Image section), I asked the sartorial sage of second grade to serve up some of his fashion advice.

Q: What fashion advice would you give to other kids your age about how to dress?
A: Don’t wear ripped pants, don’t wear shirts that are all worn out and don’t wear a [suit] jacket over a shortsleeve shirt -- and I don’t like tank tops so much.
arlo weiner matt weiner matthew weiner
Q: That’s a lot of things not to do. What are some simple things people can do to kick their own style up a notch?
A:  Well, wear a lot of different colors, for one, and wear different patterns. I like to mix plaids.

Q: You say that, but I can see that you have a preference for red and black. Why?
A: Red and black are my favorite colors, When I’m in red I’m feeling bubbly. When I’m happy I wear yellow. When I put on black I’m not happy or sad.

 Q: You told me "SpongeBob SquarePants" is one of your favorite TV shows. What kind of fashion makeover might you give Mr. SquarePants?
A: I would make him have black pants and a brown belt instead of the brown pants and black belt he has. And instead of the red tie, I’d make it a blue tie.

Q: What about say … a monocle?
A:  No monocle.

Q: Hopefully this won’t get you in any trouble, but what about Don Draper on your dad’s show “Mad Men”? Any style advice for him?
A: I’ve watched probably three episodes. I like the fashion, but I think Don should wear different jackets – not just the gray and black ones.

Q:  Speaking of your dad, I’ve seen him at parties rocking an ascot, so I know he has style, but does he ever seek advice from you?
A: When he goes to work he’ll wear like jeans and a black belt and maybe a black turtleneck.  But sometimes he’ll come and say: ‘Arlo, I need your help. ‘Do you like this?’ about something he’s wearing. Sometimes it’ll be brown socks with brown shoes, which I don’t like very much.

Q: The way you dress sets you apart from other kids your age. How would you like it if everyone your age dressed that way?
A: There’s a kid in sixth grade who tries to dress the way I do sometimes, and once, at the Purim carnival, [a friend] came dressed as me. I wouldn’t mind, but I think it’s cool that only me dresses like me.”

Arlo Weiner, 8-year-old fashion plate

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Photo: Arlo Weiner climbing the kitchen archway of his parents home on March 27. Credit: Nancy Pastor for The Times.