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'Sex and the City' sequel set for 2010. Hurray or go away?

February 4, 2009 |  7:32 am

It's the franchise that's never out of season, apparently. According to, Carrie and crew areEp93_carrie_ruffledlayerdre set to start shooting a follow-up to the "Sex and the City" movie this summer and a release date is scheduled for 2010. According to EW's source:

"It's going to be more comedic, and shorter, than the first," says the insider.

Meaning, more like a Prada clutch than a YSL tote, I suppose.  Could this foursome be our next "Golden Girls"? (That is by no means a swipe at their current ages, but I think "Sex and the City 17" would put them in their 60s.) 

I would have to say that Miranda has the wit to be Estelle Getty and surely, Samantha is a dead ringer--sexually speaking, of course--for Rue McClanahan. Can't you just see her vamping in a leopard print pantsuit? But can Carrie be the next Bea Arthur? Those are some hard Easy Spirits to fill, but we'll see.

Are you excited for a sequel or do you think 'Sex and the City' is already played out?

--Monica Corcoran