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A giggle at the guys -- and the get-ups -- at the men's shows

February 11, 2009 | 10:56 am

Yesterday, local style blog Racked LA posted an item referencing Best Week Ever's second installment of a feature called "The Saddest Male Models in the World," some of the more outlandish get-ups and odd-ball models paired with snarky titles like the "Paxil Rose," the  "Scientology," and the  "Meth Rogen."Rick Owens Saddest Male Models in the World

Since we'd just put the finishing touches on our own story for today's paper exploring the purpose of barely wearable, out-of-the-curve clothes  that appear on the menswear runways, it gave us a good chuckle.

In a way it's a bit unfair and certainly not the point -- kind of like looking at a Jackson Pollock painting and saying: "Gee, your cat can paint!" but at least BWE was kind enough in its mockery not to mention the designers by name. (And we'll give them a pass on calling them all looks from spring/summer 2009, some of them are definitely from the most recent fall/winter collections.)

Our favorite of the bunch -- and I'm including it here since it actually has nothing to do with the designer (in this case Rick Owens) and everything to do with the model's uncanny resemblance to a certain actress. It was titled the "Tilda Swinton."

And in the interest of disclosure, the Image section also ran a photo gallery of some of the more fashion-forward looks from the Paris and Milan men's shows.

-- Adam Tschorn


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Photo: The Rick Owens look dubbed the "Tilda Swinton" in Best Week Ever's "The Saddest Male Models in the World" roundup. Credit: Jonas Gustavsson for the Los Angeles Times.