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W is for Wearstler, wacky and what the?!

October 6, 2008 | 10:33 am

I had a surprisingly domestic Saturday, baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, thoroughly wiping down all my wood surfaces with Pledge, and watching "Top Design" reruns on Bravo.  I've seen the show since the beginning and until now stayed quiet while witnessing Kelly Wearstler's wardrobe get crazier and crazier. 

But, it's time for an intervention. 

She is a beautiful woman with an unquestionable sense for interior and design.  But, WHY Kelly? Why the massive Louis XIV tendrils, light socket pompadours and Carrie Bradshaw costumes?  I am all for the eclectic and unexpected, especially from someone who is visual and creative for a living. But her TV look is out of control.

I say her TV look, because many other times she looks amazing and downright chic.  Just check out this month's cover and inside story of Domino Magazine.  Wearstler is wearing skinny jeans with side zips, a billowy smoke gray Magda Berliner top, Subversive necklace and the cutest tomboy-glam gold lace up oxfords -- casually left untied.  Tres chic.  And much more in line with her ultra-glamorous but tasteful hotels and downtown L.A. lofts.

On Top Design she looks like crazy Aunt Milly who has 16 cats and likes to pile her matted mink stoles over a sea foam green dress and top it all off with a hot pink sequin beret, before hopping on her motor powered Jazzy mobility scooter and heading to bingo.

Wearstler's on-air style may be more noticeable because her fellow judges and host India Hicks are pretty subdued in their fashion choices.  Except for a big bow tie seen on Jonathan Adler now and then, everyone keeps it pretty tame.  Margaret Russell wears simple shift dresses to show off her twice a day Pilates body and Hicks is genuine in her Bahamas bohemian-meets-posh and polished ensembles. 

Wearstler stands out.  And that's most likely the way she wants it, but standing out as an eyesore is a different story.  Her interior design style is impeccable -- just pop into the Viceroy hotels or any number of her local design projects.  So, it's totally alarming when her fashion choices are so outlandish they make my retinas burn.

I'm no domestic goddess -- Pledge and a paper towel is as much attention as I pay to my own surroundings -- but Kelly has got to tone it down and do her physical beauty and good taste justice. 

Check out Wearstler's wackiest looks at here.

-- Melissa Magsaysay