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Vogue contributing editor rolls back women's lib

October 3, 2008 | 12:38 pm

Plumsykes_3 Vogue contributing editor and New York socialite Plum Sykes -- whose lavish nuptials were detailed in a multi-page spread in the magazine some years ago -- clearly isn't down with the tenets of Gloria Steinem (or "Sex and the City" for that matter).

In an article hyping long-sleeved dresses in the October Vogue, the author kicks things off with the blind conviction of a TV evangelist:

"There are three things a woman really needs at 38: a husband, at least one child, and a dress with long sleeves."

Silly us, cultivating friendships and careers. It's amazing that Sykes didn't catch how regressive -- and downright Betty Crocker -- that remark is. Or perhaps she doesn't care?

Photo: Plum Sykes dancing her "cares" away in 2003. Credit: Patrick Mc Mullan