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Gap leaves the politics to you

October 23, 2008 | 12:53 pm

Gap1bethany_hines_west_hollywoodIn these final days of this presidential campaign, you may be be fighting the urge to shout your candidate's name from the rooftops. Or wear it on your chest.

Gap hears you. The mega-chain launched its “Vote for ____” T-shirts in stores nationwide today -- a plain white T-shirt that lets you scrawl your guy's name (or anything else you might want to vote for) on the blank line.

The shirt comes with red, white and blue felt stars you can use to further customize your soft sandwich board. And it's only $15. Wear it with all the vim and vigor of a caffeine-fueled Chris Matthews -- but remember to be nice. Because after Nov. 4, we're all in this together.

-- Emili Vesilind

Photo: Bethany Hines, an actor and West Hollywood resident, who was chosen out of 400 people to be featured in Gap's campaign for the tee. Courtesy of Gap.