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Super tote: No phone booth required

September 18, 2008 |  3:30 pm

In the aftermath of New York Fashion Week, we found ourselves poking around the Jack Spade store in SoHo -- one of our favorite repositories of all things manly –- and one of the new arrivals that caught our eye was the Superhero/Civilian reversible coal bag.Superhero_042
A version of the brand’s industrial canvas tote, the bag depicts all the sartorial trappings of the superhero life on one side –- among them a decoder ring, utility belt, "invisible" underwear and tube of anti-matter,) and an assortment of secret-identity necessities on the other, including a fedora, necktie, thick-framed eyeglasses, a dress shirt, a pack of energy pills and dog-eared copy of “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.”)
And it does double-duty in another way too. In addition to finally answering that burning comic-book geek question WWCKC? (What would Clark Kent carry?), a portion of the $195 price tag is donated to the nonprofit writing center 826NYC, which just so happens to be located behind a swinging bookcase in the back of the tongue-in-cheek Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood.Superhero_012
Although it isn’t being sold through the Jack Spade website, there’s no need to leap tall buildings, just duck into the nearest phone booth and call the Greene Street store and they’ll ship it to you. But if you want one, you better be faster than a speeding bullet –- it’s a limited edition bag, so once they’re gone, they’re gone –- at least here on Earth Prime. Jack Spade, 56 Greene St., New York, N.Y. (212) 625-1820.

Photos: Superhero on one side (top) and Civilian on the other, both courtesy of Jack Spade.
-- Adam Tschorn