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Kenley on 'Project Runway': bragging with scissors

September 11, 2008 |  1:57 pm

Once again, the ever boastful and all a-giggle Kenley managed to keep her slot on "Project Runway" last night. Notice how she redefined "avant-garde" as whatever she created? She's a regular Marcel Duchamp, that Kenley Collins. (Please take a look at her audition tape and see her plans to bring "hope" and "beauty" back to the fashion world.)

Her hubris -- not to mention, that red-lipped, resounding cackle -- makes me seethe. Her derivative confection with its puffed bowling ball sleeves and leather bustier was hardly "cohesive" -- a favorite mot in the fashion business. Kenley reminds me of that girl in high school who hooted when you dropped your tray in the cafeteria. Sure, she's kind of talented.  (Check out her website to see a few frocks that don't wow, but do show promise.) And that dress she fashioned for the Diane von Furstenberg challenge was sleek and minimal. But when she told Michael Kors Wednesday night that she doesn't look at other collections, she sounded petulant and full of it.

Do you think Kenley deserves to show at Bryant Park?

-- Monica Corcoran

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