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'Pineapple Express': Red carpet score card

August 1, 2008 |  9:20 am

82144738The premiere of "Pineapple Express" brought out Hollywood's scruffiest -- Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jack Black, etc. In essence, it looked like a John Belushi convention until dapper Daniel Craig showed up and stole the show.

Winner: Seth Rogen, who probably last wore a belt and shirt with buttons at his bar mitzvah. (You can just imagine him mistaking a crease in his suit pants for a giant wrinkle.) He also managed to wrestle a tie into submission and trim a few wayward goatee hairs. Kudos to Rogen for leaving his "Grab a Heinie" T-shirt at home and stepping up to the sartorial plate. He looks great.82144682

Loser: Daniel Craig, for ignoring the memo that read, "We're going to let Seth shine tonight, guys. So wear a T-shirt, dirty jeans and don't shave." Mr. Craig -- was it really necessary to twist the knife with that matching vest and crisp pocket square?

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