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Kim Kardashian re-creates Brooke Shields' Calvin Klein ads

August 21, 2008 |  7:14 am

Shot_6_009_flatCkbrooke Radar magazine has ripped the seams -- and soiled the knees -- of the 1980s iconic Calvin Klein jeans ads by re-creating it for a photo shoot with Kim Kardashian in its September issue. (Gavin Bond took the shots.) Perhaps on the heels of Lindsay Lohan doing her Marilyn Monroe for New York magazine? In this shot, far left, Kardashian is actually wearing J Brand jeans.

When these "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins" ads came out, Brooke Shields was 15, and Klein was criticized for exploiting a teen. Kardashian is 27 and exploits her own assets. Wikipedia notes that her recognition is mostly due to the leak of a sex tape.
We've come a looong way, baby.

Photos: Kim Kardashian. Credit: Gavin Bond /For Radar; Brooke Shields. Credit: Calvin Klein

For the record: An earlier version of this post gave an incorrect age for Kim Kardashian.