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Why do famous cheaters like Balthazar Getty think they're invisible?

July 19, 2008 | 11:34 am

Are they egomaniacs or idiots?
Every week, there's a new story about a famous husband or wife gone astray. Actor Balthazar Getty exits his family for a fling with Sienna Miller, reports People, and his wife is "humiliated." Well, of course she's humiliated. Her rejection has become headline news. Even more damning? Her husband's mistress is acting like an extra in "South Pacific." Here's a snippet from the People story:

"Miller, sporting a sailor's cap, was also spotted topless on the balcony of an Italian hotel room kissing Getty."

Topless? A sailor's cap? Come on, Sienna Miller. Could you be just tad a more discreet? What's next?  Miller, wearing a tennis dress and a diamond tiara, is spotted making out with Getty on the front lawn of the White House?

Whatever happened to the day when people hid their affairs and would sneak off to meet in 145126__doubleindemnity_l_4 supermarkets wearing sunglasses and trench coats? Remember this shot of Barbara Stanwyck -- going overboard in the incognito department -- in the 1944 classic 'Double Indemnity'? Hell, at least she tried to disguise her infidelity.

It's amazing how selfish celebrities can be, when it comes to lust or love or the limbo in between. Getty, married with four children, picked a sartorial exhibitionist and chose to flaunt their affair. Would it have killed the guy to start divorce proceedings or officially separate before he and Miller took their romance public? Or, at the very least, said to Miller: "The sailor hat is just making it worse for everyone, babe."

Photos: Sienna Miller. Credit: Getty Images; Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray in "Double Indemnity." Credit: Paramount Pictures