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Meet the new 'celebridog'

July 17, 2008 |  9:55 am

2128356 665590_2 Over at, there's a story about Lauren Conrad failing to fulfill her obligations at a dog fashion show. Dog fashion show? But what piqued my nausea even more was the new term --"celebridog" -- that came out of this kerfuffle. Are we that desperate to find yet another category of celebrity to worship that we will report on the dumps and hairballs of their pets?

Back in the day, a pet had to earn his celeb status. Imagine how1324732 hallowed and hard-working animals like Freeway ("Hart to Hart") and Tiger ("The Brady Bunch") must feel when they find out that Jessica Simpson's maltipoo Daisy is famous for nothing. Oh, and what about Mr. Tinkles (right), who worked his fluffy caboose off in "Cats and Dogs"? I bet that he's higher than the Seattle Space Needle on Columbian catnip right about now.

Not to mention the fact that "celebricats" get the shaft because they can't make red carpet appearances or trot alongside their masters and mistresses on hikes. And yes, there is a site devoted to this lunacy called Celebrity Dog Watcher, which reports on topics like "Jada Pinkett Loses Dog to Rattlesnakes" and "It's Playtime for Jack and Hilary Duff."

Make it go away, Mr. Tinkles. And quit hogging the nip.

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