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Unity means matching colors for Obama and Clinton

June 30, 2008 |  7:17 am

27demstogether550 Adam Tschorn, guest blogger, pokes some improv fun at the uncannily synchronized looks of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton:

Did you see the powder blue tie Obama wore that perfectly matched Hillary's pantsuit?

How do you think THAT conversation went? Here's two aides talking:

Obama aide: "Um, senator? We have Senator Clinton on line two. Something about your color story for tomorrow. (pause) No sir. COLOR, not cover. She is suggesting something in the blues but approachable."

Clinton lackey: "Senator Clinton? I have the junior senator from Illinois on the line. He objects to baby blue because he thinks it is a subtle jab at his relative inexperience."

Obama aide: "Senator Obama? Sir. You've just received a package here from the Tie Rack. It's a tie, sir. With a note. It says, 'I hoped for a tie, but thought you'd appreciate this one."

photo: Jim Young, Reuters