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Does Michelle Obama need a stylist?

June 18, 2008 |  9:46 am

Andre_leon_talley Page Six is reporting that Vogue's Andre Leon Talley (left) wants to "style"Ld_michelle_obama_02_080616_mn_2 Michelle Obama. Hell no! This is a man who wears fur mukaluks and turbans -- which are awesome accessories for him -- and shouldn't be meddling in a potential First Lady's closet.

Talley, you may recall, dressed actress Jennifer Hudson in  that ill-fitting, petulant bolero jacket for the Oscars. (Even she later admitted that she wished she hadn't followed his sartorial suggestions.) Aside from Talley's grandiosity, it would be a misstep to have Obama forfeit her signature style. Plus, it wouldn't behoove her to be lumped in with actresses who employ high-priced stylists to create their red carpet looks.

That's not to say that all former First Ladies cultivated their own style. Jackie Kennedy enlisted Oleg Cassini to create her iconic look. In his book, "A Thousand Days of Magic: Dressing Jacqueline Kennedy for the White House," Cassini wrote: "All I remember about those days are nerves, and Jackie on the phone 'Hurry, hurry, Oleg, I've got nothing to wear.' "

I would rather not think of Michelle Obama writing panicky texts to any stylists or designers about needing the "right shoe" or a "killer bag." Her style is impeccable and clearly, she doesn't need Talley's two cents.

AN HOUR LATER: A little more digging and I found out that Michelle Obama already works with a Chicago designer named Maria Pinto. You can check out her designs here  and buy her looks at Saks stores and Barneys too. This month, she will open her first retail shop in Chicago. Can't help but wonder if Obama will branch out soon. No doubt, designers have already approached. It's a smart move on her part to work with a local designer that may dress Oprah, but is not part of the crazy red carpet machine. Pinto's clothes are accessible and not outrageously priced at all. Hope she sticks with this designer to maintain a consistent look, but dabbles in Armani and Behnaz Sarafpour too.

Photos: WireImage; Fitzroy Barret/Landov