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Posh Pinot Noir? Designer wine is the new designer denim

May 30, 2008 |  8:15 am

When Victoria Beckham received just a cake and a few lavish dinners for her recent birthday, whoImgaspx_3 didn't think she deserved more? Well, her husband David, apparently. The soccer star has purchased a Napa Valley winery for the perpetually pouting pin-up and deemed it "Chateau Posh." Look out, Chateau Lafitte! The wine will not be available to us -- just reserved for the Becks and their pals like Tom and Katie.

Thirsty? Try Roberto Cavalli's red wine blend, which Wine Spectator described as "Very ripe with exotic fruit character and coffee, dark chocolate undertones." It's a partnership with his son Tommaso and from the looks of the leopard-print case and goblets, it should come with a waterbed and edible panties too.

Photos: Roberto Cavalli