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Recession decision: A tank of gas or a Mother's Day present?

April 24, 2008 |  2:22 pm

Bambi_mom Hey, Ma. Remember how we went to the Beverly Hills Hotel for brunch on Mother's Day last year and I gave you those chocolate truffles? Yeah, that was great. Now, get dressed quick. The early-bird special at Denny's ends in 20 minutes. Oh, and here's a Hershey's bar.

The National Retail Federation reports that consumers will spend a bit less this year -- actually, it's less than a dollar. Consumers are expected to spend $138.63 (down from $139.14 in 2007) on Mom's Day this year. Total spending will be about $15.8 billion.

How much will you spend on the woman who brought you into this cold world?

(This still from "Bambi" always gets me.)

Photo: Walt Disney Classics