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Mommy, is that you? New children's book for coping with Mom's plastic surgery

April 17, 2008 |  9:14 am

Mommycover After Kanye West's mom died suddenly after plastic surgery, the Rage wrote a story about how kids feel about their parents having "work done." The consensus among plastic surgeons was that parents should be honest with their kids about procedures and not hide the fact that they are getting physical overhauls. Now there's a book called "My Beautiful Mommy" written by plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer. It's aimed at helping confused kids understand why Mommy got a new nose and higher cheekbones and a smaller butt and a bigger chest and...
Already, the book is being skewered and it looks pretty horrific from the cover. (It would have been a smart choice for a child psychologist to write this book, actually.) But really, after talking to many doctors, it would appear that there is a need for such a book. Set aside your preaching about how parents send out the wrong message when they get Botox and nose jobs. The reality is that plastic surgery figures continue to mushroom -- in the past ten years, the overall number of cosmetic procedures has jumped 457%.
Maybe the next book should be titled: "Mommy Spent My College Money on Lipo."