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St. Patrick's Day: On wearing green today

March 17, 2008 |  7:34 am

550wearing_green_dancers Once, while visiting Dublin, an Irishman said to me: "Why do you all wear green and shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day? We don't do that." No, sir. Nor do Italians in Sicily say "Fugget about it." Truth is, the Rage--being half-Irish--always wore a green turtleneck on March 17th when she was growing up. These days, she typically avoids an emerald ensemble even though her Dad leads a parade in Florida and his grandmother birthed 17 kids in County Cork. That probably comes from a decade of living in Manhattan. On St. Parick's Day there, it's best to avoid the guy weaving his way down Fifth Ave at noon wearing a green sweatshirt, top hat and button that reads, "Caution: Irish at play!" According to Irish folklore, the color green is considered to be unlucky in Ireland. Only if you suck down a gazillion whiskeys tonight and wake up wearing the same green clothes tomorrow.

Here's a wee primer on why the Irish wear green.