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Spitzer's other woman gets MySpace sympathy. Is a record deal next?

March 13, 2008 |  7:58 am

M_9c954d935c73398bdc79741da367de35 Ashley Alexandra Dupre -- the prostitute known as "Kristen" who serviced ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer -- has a MySpace page and 1,805 friends. FYI: She's a singer too and says: "I am all about my music." On the page, her pals like Kevin say: "all this pressure is going to turn you into a diamond. shine on." In fact, most of her MySpace friends appear to be dudes who frequently employ the word "pimp" in conversations. No surprise there.
She logged in yesterday, according to MySpace, and she has had almost 5 million "views." On her page, you can listen to her song, 'What We Want." It's okay. But who wants to bet that Ashley, a.k.a "Kristen," gets a record deal out of this debacle? Not to mention a tell-all and an appearance on "The View"? Oh and shouldn't call girls go by exotic names like "Jade" or "Mica" or "Creamsicle"? (My husband claims that call girls have classy monikers, unlike strippers and street walkers. He says: "You want to feel like the king of the castle, not some Joe on the corner.") Should the Rage be worried?

Photo: MySpace