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Why Nicole Richie's baby cover sold better

March 3, 2008 | 11:12 pm

03_10_2008_2 Christina_aguilera_cover3

You may recall that the Rage wrote about how Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera sold exclusive pictures of their firstborns (Harlow for Richie and Max for Aguilera)  to the mag. Richie reportedly pocketed $1 million and the platinum songstress made about the same. But according to an article on, the Richie cover is predicted to sell 1.8 million copies. Aguilera's mama money shot sold far less. In the story, one insider thinks the disparity is due to the fact that Richie is more popular. Hmm. Not quite. Notice how Aguilera looks pouty and sexy -- her smile is more bedroom than nursery. Richie, though wearing more eyeliner than most high school goths, looks somehow more maternal. The Rage also attributes the sales chasm to the fact that Richie is holding a cute infant that makes goo-goo eye contact with readers. Meanwhile, Aguilera's shot shows a wrinkly baby who looks like he might awaken any minute and shriek like a jilted hyena. Lesson learned? Don't show your chickens right after they hatch.