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Women: Do you lie about your size?

February 12, 2008 |  9:30 am

Jayne46 The NYT has an interesting tidbit on how the government in Spain hopesTwiggy02 to resize the fashion industry there. After a year-long study, they found that tall, skinny women are mostly nonexistent in that country and would rather label clothes as: hour glass, pear shape, or cylinder.  Right now, sizes in Spain vary from store to store. There is really no system, which is ludicrous. Even more interesting is the fact that Spain wants to increase the size of store mannequins to better reflect reality. How smart! (They banned size 0 models last year at their Madrid fashion shows.)

Here in Los Angeles, women are always bragging about being a size 0. Shopkeepers have told me about size 4 clients who buy size 0 clothes just to switch the label. One even said that a woman's husband checks her clothes to make sure that she hasn't gained weight and jumped a size.
Size denial? How freaking sad. I know stylists who also swap size labels for their celeb clients.  Ever lie about your size? Weigh in here -- no pun intended.