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Should J.Lo and celebrities register for pricey gifts? No.

February 29, 2008 |  5:03 pm

Silver_cross_balmoral_black The rich are not like us, so why do they have to act like us30626803 and register for gifts?

Case in point: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony hoped to receive a $1,250 designer diaper bag and a $3,495 Balmoral stroller from friends when they signed up with their wish list at posh Petit Tresor in L.A. The power couple is spending $40,000 on each of their three nurseries and Fortune claims that Lopez is the richest woman under 40. Do you really need someone to buy you a stroller that equals what you make every hour?  And what about Donald Trump? It's old news but he and his wife registered for a $4,000 coffee pot at Tiffany & Co. when they wed. Tacky and obscene, says the Rage. For the record: $25 to $40 is plenty to spend on a baby gift. You should shell out about $100 on a wedding gift--if you are attending alone. Add $50 to $75 if you're a couple or bringing a guest.

Agree or disagree? How much do you spend on a baby or wedding gift?
photos: Petit Tresor; WireImage.