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Men: Buy her a diamond for Valentine's Day and she'll shut up

February 6, 2008 |  7:46 am

Debeers1_251_2 The diamond industry is no collective dummy, my friends. For the past 60 years, they have been manipulating men into thinking that all women are addicted to "hard rock." Diamonds, not crack cocaine -- of course.

The slogan "A Diamond Is Forever" was created by De Beers in 1947 and within three years, 80% of engagement rings included a precious rock. Since then, campaigns to increase sparkle sales have included the "eternity" ringImages1 and "the right hand" ring. (For dudes who are lost right now, the former ring supposedly symbolizes forever for a man and woman; the latter ring says that a woman can -- ahem -- service herself in every way and can buy her own damn diamond.)

I find its latest ad, spotted this morn in the front section of the New York Times, to be yet another sexist and manipulative coup. The bold, black and white ad reads: "Valentine's Day is a made up holiday. But it's her number one, all-time, don't screw it up, favorite made up holiday." Pictured above this caveat is a pair of princess-cutR3888a_5 studs -- at least, one carat each.

Clearly, the bling community knows that guys feel bullied on Valentine's Day, so they are empathizing with them. In essence, they're saying: "We know your bitches are crazy and all. But if you buy her a diamond, she might just stop nagging and make you some nachos."

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Photo credits: De Beers