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Can big bags kill people?

February 15, 2008 |  9:24 am

Peachesge_jonf_15503573_600 The big bag trend ires The Rage for three reasons:
1) Designers know that we consumers will spend more on an SUV than a hatchback and hence, big bags cost more and helped to secretly ratchet up the price of all luxury bags. If you became accustomed to spending $1,000 on an oversized Prada, then you wouldn't hem and haw over paying $800 for a medium-sized hobo. Right?

2) They force us women to pack more unnecessary crap than we would ever need. Have you ever overstocked your big bag just to make it look full? I recently loaded up my plus-size Ferragamo with two books, a deck Pixiegeld_jonf_15503607_600 of playing cards, a lint roller, and enough lipsticks to graffiti the Great Wall of China. The damn tote weighed more than 7 pounds and I had to put it down like a small child at times. It also left ugly POW-like welts on the insides of my arms.

3) Ever been hip-checked by a Birkin? It hurts. Try navigating through a Hollywood luncheon or nightclub without sustaining a few blows to the ribs and hips by swinging big bags.  All that to say that these pictures from Mulberry's party at London Fashion Week last night made The Rage think this: I hope everyone had good health insurance because those bags could cause a hysterectomy.

How big is your bag?

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