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Smells like Chanel No. 5 Teen Spirit: Lagerfeld's latest crush

January 23, 2008 |  8:57 am

012308_04_0_2 "The Hills" are alive with the sound of Lagerfeld. According to WWD, the Chanel designer paid homage to hormones in his spring couture collection shown in Paris yesterday. Models wearing skirts short enough to sway any Catholic High School sophomore paraded down the runway; Chanel logo ballet flats -- a fave among the teen set in Beverly Hills and Bel Air -- were also seen.

This past September, I went shopping with a few wealthy Brentwood teens and both of them told me that Chanel was their favorite designer. I was floored. Back in high school, my logos were big Bs for Benetton and Lacoste gators. I wore Yves Saint Laurent red lipstick just to have something by the designer in my trusty nylon Le Sport Sac.

Here's a bit of the reporting I did back in September for my story on teens and luxury goods. The truth is: designers have seen the future and it's, like, moody and twirls her hair and might just hate her parents.

Here are some facts from my story:
Designer labels make up about 15.3% of purchases by 13- to 17-year-olds, according to a recent study by New York-based marketing research company NPD Group. Five years ago, that figure hovered at 9.6%. Increasingly, luxury brands are catering to younger customers.

Also: The women’s media website recently tallied the prices of the merchandise featured in the editorial content of the September issue of Teen Vogue to a total of $74,458. Per their research, Cosmopolitan — not CosmoGirl, mind you — rang in at just $27,636.64.

What does this all mean? I just pray to God that when my husband and I start a family, it's a boy!

Photo credit: Women's Wear Daily