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Style profile: Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim

December 1, 2007 | 10:58 am

Photo2_2 If you haven't seen "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, you don't know what it is to laugh so hard that you wonder if you're having a stroke. The brilliant show -- think smart sketch comedy on LSD --features countless characters with distinctive style. How do they do it? Read on:


Burning question: Why so many turtlenecks?
Tim: Turtlenecks accentuate our many, many chins.

Eric: I prefer a short mock. Makes me look stockier.


You’re also fans of the vest, a tricky look for men. How do you pull it off?

Tim:  We don't pull it off. You first have to unbutton it.
Then, it just slides off the back, like a jacket.

Eric:  Vests are flair for men. It's one of the few ways men can accent themselves in a formal yet fun fashion.

60703gd Describe your personal style when you were kids:

Tim: Apparently, vests.  Vests and bow-ties.   I also appeared to26146l prefer posing in front of winter landscapes holding stuffed animals.

Eric: When I was 15, I wore combat boots with a fluorescent Columbia ski jacket. I was trying to find myself.

As Jan and Wayne Skylar, you both wear lip gloss. Name the brand and shade and why it works for you:

Eric: It's actually not lip gloss at all. We use a touch of canola oil mixed with Vaseline. Stays shiny all day!


Tim, what the hell is all over your face, as Casey?
Tim:  It's a surprising mix of mascara, lipstick and hair gel to give it an oozy look.  Like he's just come out of the womb. Mascara on the eyebrows:  It's MY secret!

What’s your secret for removing makeup?Tammy1
Eric: We've actually been debating some permanent makeup options. Like Tammy Faye. It's much more efficient. No removal and fun for our wives!


Best fashion advice for a guy who wants a new look:

Eric: Look to the stars! I try to wear whatever Dax does.

Tim: Costumes are fun.  Dress up like a pilot some night and watch as people stare!

Go-to outfit on a Friday night:

Tim: Nothing impresses the ladies like a clean, pressed pair of khakis and a large pattern shirt featuring either classic cars,  mojitos or men playing golf.

Eric: Something that you can easily rip off. You know, for sex. In restrooms.

Photo credits: All Tim and Eric shots, Cartoon Network; Tammy Faye, CNN; buff Dax Shepard,