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First Fashion Look: 'Sex and the City' movie

September 19, 2007 |  9:28 am

What will Carrie Bradshaw wear in her upcoming leap to the big screen? This first image from the set reveals that the face that launched a thousand pairs of_z8e70083_8 Manolos has opted for Dior sandals, a vintage dress -- I'm guessing circa late '50s, early '60s -- and gold bracelets from Verdu. Her bag, most interestingly, comes from designer Timmy Woods.

Timmy Woods? This Beverly Hills designer specializes in handcrafted wooden purses in shapes like horse heads, dice, and dachshunds. These are the types of bags that women like Liz Eiffeltower5 Taylor or Nancy Reagan collect. The Eiffel Tower purse is available now on her website, ($338), and comes with a silk cord.


The designer carves her purses from fallen acacia trees and for each one that she uses, two more are planted. I prefer the equestrian-inspired "Horsy" bust ($320).

I like that Carrie has eschewed the $2,000 clutch that seems to be all the rage for fall. Burberry now offers a $3,000 "Knight" bag and I can only wonder when the purse market -- like our housing market here in Los Angeles -- will be due for a correction. That bubble needs to burst before we all go broke.