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Robert Radnitz: Cicely Tyson says he helped call attention 'to the plight of blacks in America'

June 10, 2010 | 12:38 pm

Cicely Tyson, who starred with Paul Winfield in "Sounder," sent this e-mail via a spokesman in response to a request for comment on the death of Robert B. Radnitz, who produced the film:

Bob Radnitz, along with Marty Ritt, Paul Winfield and John Alonzo were all weavers of this tapestry, named Cicely Tyson. They gifted me with an opportunity to build a platform, through my work, that called attention to the plight of blacks in America, especially Women.

I will be eternally grateful to Bob Radnitz for recognizing the need for a movie like Sounder at the time when we were being bombarded with negative images thru Blacksploitative films.

He has left us a Legacy to be cherished.

My prayers are with his loved ones.

To read Radnitz's obituary, click here.

-- Valerie J. Nelson