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ATM inventor John Shepherd-Barron dies at 84

May 19, 2010 |  1:29 pm

Atm John Shepherd-Barron, the Scotsman credited with inventing the world's first automated cash machine, has died after a short illness. He was 84.

Shepherd-Barron died peacefully in northern Scotland's Raigmore Hospital on Saturday, funeral director Alasdair Rhind said Wednesday.

Shepherd-Barron said once that he came up with the idea of the cash machines after being locked out of his bank. Plastic bank cards had not been invented yet, so Shepherd-Barron's machine used special checks that were matched with a personal identification number.

The first automated teller machine was installed at a bank in London in 1967.

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-- Associated Press

Photo: NCR Corp.'s NCR SelfServ 28, a new breed of automated cash machine. John Shepherd-Barron is credited with inventing the first cash dispenser in 1967. Credit: Business Wire