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Not since Miracles have I been so surprised that such a well done, breath-of-fresh-air show has been cancelled. I had the distinct pleasure of living in Manhattan for 20 years and during that time hanging out with a lot of NYPD. The incredible gravity and stress of their jobs was always punctuated with humor. Otherwise, they would just go crazy. I found this show to be very true to form and engaging. ABC must not have promoted it very well, as everyone that I told about the show hadn't heard about it, but when they finally watched it, loved it! Even "All in the Family" got off to a slow start until they played with the time slot! The networks must understand that not all of the nation is glued to their TVs 24/7. As it stands, I have to TIVO the shows I do watch, House, The Closer, The Daily Show and an occasional Medium (and until now, The Unusuals). I, for one, don't want to sit down at the end of a long day and watch some mindless drivel like the Bachelor. It's a pity what has happened to network television. Hopefully, the Unusuals will get picked up by someone else, perhaps a cable channel.

What a disappointment to see The Unusuals cancelled. Perhaps more people would have watched if the network had come up with a more compelling name. I was constantly trying to recommend it to people...."it's that new cop show...oh what's it called..." Cancelling this show is just part of the dumbing down of the networks. If it doesn't appeal to the masses, it';s deemed unworthy. More and more, the best shows are on the cable networks....more power to them.
"The Closer" is far and away the best show on TV.

um Don, its ABC not NBC.

and i love the unusuals... i watched it online though cause i was never home to catch in on tv. i'm very disappointed that its being canceled.

I don"t have cable, so I am only able to watch shows on broadcast television. My choices are limited and I was very pleased to see an interesting and creative show. The Unusuals was my favorite show. I am so disappointed that it has been cancelled. Every one I know really liked and watched The Unusuals. I guess I need to get cable and give up on broadcast T.V. Bring back The Unusuals. Give the shows that have at least some depth a little more time before cancelling them - please.

I am still in shock - The Unusuals cancelled. This show was entertaining - actually fun to watch. It had a few twists and turns so it required just a bit of thinking. I guess that is why "reality TV fixated" viewers couldn't stay tuned in. I am another Pushing Daisies and Life on Mars fan and so I guess I will turn off the networks and switch completely to renting Netflix DVDs.

Do you think that anything that we say online about cancelling the Unusuals will ever get to ABC execs? Are they all deaf? There are so many unhappy people because of the cancellation - do they have someone out there reading the posts? Just once I'd like to read an ABC exec's or any exec's response to our complaint posts. DID YOU HEAR THAT ABC?

ABC executives have to be the worst in the business. This is the fifth show that my wife and I got hooked on to only have it pulled out from under our viewership. Traveler, The Nine, Eli Stone, dirty sexy money, and now the Unusuals...they really don't know a quality show when they broadcast it! ...According to Jim and Greys Anatomy...both are no longer watchable and don't get me started on private practice....i'm going to throw up now!

I long ago stopped getting interested in any network TV series. It just doesn't pay to become invested in watching a story line you know will not be played out to its conclusion because it will be arbitrarily cancelled. Who exactly are the Networks polling to get their facts about viewership?

I can't believe it...I hadn't read this column until now, but I saw something in our local paper that said The Unusuals is cancelled! Is there nothing we can do? These network executives are hopeless. This was one of the best shows. There were so many plots and subplots, interesting characters. I am really upset that I won't be tuning in to my favorite show this Fall.

Why ABC, why? In my opinion "The Unusuals" was one of the best written, and best acted shows with an original take on the traditional TV cop show. With a great cast, clever situations and characters I quickly found myself caring about and wanting to know more about. With all the entertainment alternatives to network TV vying for our collective attention (cable, internet, video games), network execs need to give shows like this that veer from the standard fare a longer time to find an audience. It's frustrating to find a show that I really got into and anxiously waited for each new episode, only to get the word it was canceled. Why can't the networks accept a few shows that don't get huge ratings and give them a chance? Are they so greedy that every show that turns out not to be another "CSI", "Seinfeld", "Lost", or "Grey's Anatomy" in terms of ratings is deemed a failure? Every time a show like "The Unusuals" or "Life on Mars" (another clever and very different show IMHO) is canceled, it makes me just a little more apprehensive about investing time and committing to the next new show that is different than the standard fare. Oh well, I still have "Mad Men", "Nurse Jackie", "In Plain Sight", "Weeds" and a bunch of other great shows on cable that show no signs of leaving any time soon.

If they had changed the name the show would have had a chance. Good show. Too bad.

Well! I've been anxiously waiting for the new season of The Unusuals to start, so I Googled it to see if I could find out when the first show of the season was. Needless to say, I'm disappointed in ABC. So much for having a reason to tune in to ABC!

I am really surprised that this show has been cancelled. I was looking up the fall lineup premieres and notices that the unusuals was not listed. Very disappointed. The show was great. The cast was also great. The storyline was captivating and I am disappointed that they have cancelled this show.

It's easy to see why the cable channels are getting the big ratings. TNT didn't cancel "The Closer" after the first season, they knew they had a show that was interesting, different, humorous, and diversified. Shows like that need time to build audiences that have more than a two minute attention span and can appreciate unique different characters that need more than 10 minutes to show all their sides.

Hopefully "Unusuals" will find a home on a channel that appreciates creative writing.

The network trend now is towards cheaper and cheaper shows.

If it's cheap to produce, it stays on the air.

Dramatic series have much higher costs.

Like Health Care, Food and anything else that is produced by corporate America, the bottom line is the bottom line.

Increase profit margins, cut costs.

They have to answer to stock holders who want nothing but increased profits.

This is a WONDERFUL show! I cannot understand why shows with real zest, heart and creativity "don't find an audience." This was a big mistake...

Maybe we could pull a Gene Roddenbury and "bury" ABC in mail. What do you think?

the wife and i enjoyed the unusuals,so not surprised
it was cancelled.hopefully when the drivel coming
from jay leno is cancelled nbc picks up the
unusuals.they need all the help they can get.

We looked forward to The Unusuals for the few weeks it aired. What a disappointment that ABC execs have such bad judgement to cancel such an intelligent, witty, and entertaining series. This show was refreshing, funny, and poignant. The casting was spot on and the characters were developed so well. We tivo'd it every week it was on and then found a big empty spot when it was gone. Our favorite episode was the one with the "murder store", but every episode was great. What a shame that it is gone. We had only just started to tell our friends to watch it. You know Seinfeld almost got cancelled in it's first season. And look what a success that show had. Perhaps some TV execs will come to their senses and bring it back. Put it in a better time slot and they will probably be happily surprised to see the show become a huge hit.

Once again ABC brings out a new show and cancels it before it catches on. My husband and I loved the show once we found it and could'nt wait to see the next episode. ABC loves to lose viewership because of not giving new shows a chance.

Dear ABC Suits
Thank you so much for your quick response to my request. I am so happy The Unusuals was cancelled. Now I no longer have those night time headaches brought on by using that gray wad in my skull. I can safely go back to my "educational" tv... learning how to dance, sing and argue without ever moving a muscle or using one brain cell. You know, brain cells are very precious, and I think I gained a few new ones trying to watch your innovative, entertaining and interesting "The Unusuals". Oops.. there I go ... a momentary lapse in un-consciousness. I actually called it ENTERTAINING AND INNOVATIVE!!!!
Well, as soon as I decide which lawyer will represent me, I will sue your Network for cruel and unusual punishment ... tormenting me with a show that made me laugh and was thought provoking. It caused health issues, because I think my Brain grew and is pressing against my cranium. (Hey did i use one of those words on the show? Hope i used it right.) Also, I was so engrossed in the show, I forgot to run to the freezer for more ice cream during commercials. That means less calcium in my body.
Please dont stop using Neilson service, as it is able to capture my fellow brain frozen viewers that believe "Network" TV is not for mental stimulus, but instead to be used as merely a nice visual display of colors.
Had you realized that the target audience for shows like The Unusuals are Time Shifting, I would surely had a seizure as you would still be airing the show. The target viewers are shifting viewing to time when their hectic professional and parental schedules are clear... 11pm 1 am etc.
So please work harder to make these kind of decisions so my children continue to drop off TV all together. If you would make innovative thought producing TV, then I would have to fight them for the controller.
Well gotta get another tub of ice cream ready so i can flip a coin to watch one of the Dancing/Acting/Singing/Life Mate selecting shows... or maybe just turn to that CSI Network.
Again, thanks ..
Your Pal for ever.. Iam A Numme Nuntz.

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